Colour choices, why they matter.

If you have ever painted anything, you must have noticed that different colours cover different colours to a varying degree. This is not always obvious as people typically think darker bolder colours cover duller colours better but that is not always the case. I had the task of painting some doors and I chose to do it with a sprayer for a better finish and consistency. First, make sure you label the doors. Not all doors in a house are the same size nor do they swing in the same direction. This is crucial to aid in the ease of installation in the future. Next, make sure that there is enough room for air to move in the space you are working in. Water based paints dry fast however, they also release a lot of moisture. Lastly, make sure you pick a high hiding colour. Colours with tints of red, purple, or yellow are horrible at coverage. Typically, for any interior surface going a similar or close shade in the same tone family, two coats are more than enough to cover anything. However, I was using cloud white by Benjamin Moore, which has a slight yellow tint. This caused me to do 6 coats and even then, it wasn’t 100% perfect. When choosing colours, make sure to ask the paint store to add a few drops of black to enhance coverage. The small amount of tint won’t be noticeable in the final product but will make a world in difference when it comes to hiding ability.

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