How not to hang a chandelier

Hanging a chandelier is always a daunting task. Between trying to not drop the chandelier, to not falling off the ladder, it seems to be something that is never safe. I don’t know why but it seems that chandeliers are never a good idea. They are always big and heavy, and the only place they fit in is somewhere that is very high off the ground and often without access. Since our railings were removed in preparation for the flooring and new railings, I decided to install the chandelier. Since the light was going in a place that would be difficult to access, I decided to install it in a room with easy access so that I can make sure that the light was working properly. After installing and testing the piece, I had the task of figuring out how to access the electrical box where the light was supposed to go. Since I didn’t have any scaffolding, I took two pieces of lumber that we had yet to use, and a couple of planks of vinyl flooring, and away I went with my task. I have never realized how much stability dimensional lumber does not have when it is on edge. Having done this, I will say to anyone that is interested in doing something in a dangerous manner to save time, don’t. It is not worth the risk and getting hurt would delay your project far more than the time it takes to go out and get scaffolding. The final point is, always test things before installation and completion, and go the extra mile for safety and security.

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