Hulk Smash

Credit Hdq Walls

As a professional in demolition and destroying things, I have to say, smashing is easy when everything can be smashed. When you try to demolish certain things and not others, that’s when things get tricky. I am used to beating up the bad guys, smashing cars, and crushing buildings. So when Adam asked me to help him with his demolition, I was less than trilled.

Since I couldn’t smash everything but there was heavy lifting to be done, I was super careful in doing what I was doing. I had to make sure that smashing the drywall didn’t take out the pipes and studs behind the wall. You see all these home shows on HGTV where the people look like they have a ton of fun smashing things and breaking things but let me just say, doing this instead of destroying bad guys is so much more work with bad guys, I just go full force and beat them until they’ve had what they deserve, but with this stupid house, I can’t just smash. I think I will just stick to beating up bad guys and not demolishing houses.

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