The Big Move

Its really shocking how much stuff can accumulate in a house over the course of 20 years. Having lived at home my whole life, I never really knew what the house looked like before I existed let alone how much stuff was brought into the house throughout the years.

As we started packing, the one major theme during the packing was thinking about when we bought something. We would constantly come across things that we didn’t even know we still had. Mountains of toiletries, air fresheners, clothes, and electronics that were forgotten and never to be used again. Now was a good time for a big purge.

As we continued, cleaning and packing, we consistently found duplicates of never been used items. At one point, I think a counter 60 bars of soap that had never been opened, just piled up at the back of the bathroom cabinet. I am honestly shocked how much stuff fits into a standard bathroom sink cabinet. You never realize how much crap there is until you dig it all out.

At the beginning, things were packed neatly, labeled, and well protected. We would organize the boxes by item and weight, stacking the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lighter and smaller boxes up top. As we got closer and closer to the demolition date, things started to become more disorganized, and more disastrous. The day before demolition was scheduled to start, me and my mom grabbed two large bowls and started shoveling the items that we had piled onto the floor. Although we had planned to sort through everything, we had ran out of time and the organizing was to become a later problem. After an hour of shoveling loose items into big Costco Sized tubs, we were finally finished the final packing.

This later problem would soon become a more immediate problem. As we are finally moving in now, we are realizing that everything that we had sorted and labelled were essentially useless. The tubs and tubs of loose items contain the things that we used and required the most. To this day, we are still slowly sorting through the mess of shoveled in bits and pieces. Mind you we have been moved in for 3 months now.

Moral of the story is, don’t buy too much crap, don’t pack stuff you’ll forget about away, and most importantly, plan for more time, always. Packing takes a lot of time.

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