The Design Phase

Going from rough measurements to inspirations to bring a design concept to life requires a lot of trial and error, skill, and expertise. Of which I have none.

I started by taking measurements, determining which walls I could move and which elements of the room couldn’t be changed, and I got to work. Going off of inspiration from the hotels I have visited, I went with a simplistic nordic design theme. Since the house is not large and does not have high ceilings, I decided to go with a lot of vertical elements, warm light colours, and simple shapes that did not make the area look busy.

I got the measurements, drew up a basic plan, decided what I wanted to place where, and I sent the details to a graphic artist. The graphic artist took my dreams and helped me visualize them. All I can say is, this is the best money you will ever spend before undertaking a reno. My initial plans were, less than ideal. After hours and hours of tinkering, changing, and moving things around, I was finally able to achieve the photo shown above.

Having a rendering artist turn your ideas into something tangible that you can see can save a lot of money, time, and heartache. Often, things aren’t as you picture and seeing it in a rendered setting can really help before anything permanent is done. For the entire project, I only spent $600 on rendering and this was money well spent.

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