Peer Review #1

For my peer review, I will be talking about

Zeus homes is a website by my peer Arshia Esmaeli. This is a site about home renovations that Arshia does with his friend who has a passion for design and construction.
The site is structured more like a website than a blog which is great as this can help the site serve as both a blog and a business site. There are photos, and videos and information about jobs that they have done and what they plan on undertaking. The site is clear in its mission to show its visitors what they want to see. However, since at the time of my review the site is incomplete, the links are not yet working, and I am unable to see it in all its glory.
Somethings that I saw at the time of my review are the missing elements where the stock elements currently are, a slightly difficult to navigate homepage, as well as a bit of a disconnect between the course suggestions and direction. I can see that Arshia is trying to have the site serve double duty as both an assignment and something that can be used for his future endeavours which is the whole point of the course, however I think it might help navigation if the site was setup with a bit of a separation between course material and site material. Overall, I think the site could benefit if Arshia let his self shine through in the site, giving it more character and less of a business feel. I believe this can be done by having the site serve as a main landing page and there could be a blog section where the readers can read the information about the blogs and a website section where readers can find business information such as contact information and what they can do.
The way the site is setup however really plays into what was explained in the digital garden reading. The way that everything is laid out allows the reader to see everything simultaneously without the need for a chronological layout. This side by side layout helps the reader to easily see what it is they want to see without the need to scroll endlessly for a topic. This I think is a great idea as it can help reduce frustration and ease navigation. The site is also aesthetically quite nice and serves its purpose as a construction and design blog. All in all, I believe that with a bit more time and content , the site can serve as a great online self for Arshia and a strong candidate for a site with a strong SEO with all the blog content that is being created.

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