Peer Review #2

For this peer review, I will be going over Hayden Ellis’ travel and lifestyle blog.

As I click into the blog, the first thing that stands out to me is the beautiful mountain scape background that is in the top banner. The site looks like one that is easy to navigate and clearly laid out. The text is clear, and the font choice and colour make it very easy to read. The site is well designed and there are no technical glitches that I can see. All the subsections are well organized, and everything is separated well which makes navigation a breeze and the simplicity is appreciated.

One thing that I did notice, is that the theme is a little bit basic. Upon examining some other students thought and attention into their blogs, I noticed that the design of the page could be improved upon by making the site look more interesting. With the site being a travel blog, I think it would also be beneficial for there to be more photos or videos that would encourage the visitor to visit these places.

The first post on the site, is a post that I think belongs the most on the site. There are great travel pictures and the photos make me want to travel. However, these pictures that are posted in the blog itself are not show when one first clicks onto the site. The photos are also a little bit misaligned in the post which isn’t a big deal but aligning them could make the viewing experience more consistent.

The site does not have any social media links and does not really link to any other articles outside of the site. This is understandable as not every Pub 101 student will want to use their personal pages for a class assignment however, I think the page could benefit from linking to external travel sites. I think that in this instance, the site should tag pages that the photos are coming from and make more entries on travel. I understand that during the pandemic, travel is not exactly possible, but making entries based on where the individual wants to travel, or where they have travelled can be a great way to get past the limitations of Covid.

All in all, the websites design is beautiful, simple and well thought out. There are no strange false bottoms or confusing menus or pop ups to navigate. The font choice is well-made, they are of a good size, and the colour choices make the site easy to read and easy on the eyes. The menus are well laid out and well separated allowing the user to navigate the site easily. If it were me, I think a good idea could be to make a rotating banner with a slideshow of photos on the welcome page and landing page. With a little more time spent on making the photos of each post show and perhaps creating more links, this blog could be a great contender in the travel blog segment.

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