Peer Review #3

For this week’s peer review, I will be reviewing Cinema Gum. Cinema Gum is a site dedicated to discussing movies outside the parameters of traditional review. The site is colourful, well laid out, and contains content that I believe would be quite interesting to marketers. To start, with the site being a site dedicated to movies, people could see the benefit of linking to various streaming services off the site. This can help the site monetize its reviews by allowing individuals to either sign up for sites such as Netflix or Apple tv or reminding individuals that their choice of streaming service is well made. Further, with many of the movies containing a plot which is sure to instill thought, these movies are sure to cause some thought in the reader. Perhaps after reading the reviews, the user may suddenly have a craving for something that was mentioned in the review or movie. I know when I watched Happy Gilmore, I had a strange desire to play golf. It is instances like such that can allow the site to monetize its reviews. Cinema gum could link out to sites that are relevant to its reviews, then this would allow its readers to purchase readily and easily what they already crave. This isn’t limited to items such as golf clubs but also foods such as spaghetti. People often have cravings for certain foods seen in movies when it always looks so good on screen. Further, they site could always have a visual ad for microwave popcorn. Since popcorn is often associated with movies, a movie review site would generally benefit from an ad for a product people will eat while watching the movies reviewed. A company like Orville Redenbacher could see a steady stream of clicks through this site. With each movie, I am also certain that there will still be merchandise offered by each of the producers. For instance, Jaws has a great cult following and there is surely to be tons of Jaws memorabilia. Cinema Gum could monetize this by taking a portion of each merchandise sale made through its website. Lastly, Cinema Gum’s alternative yet aesthetically pleasing appearance could attract a certain type of visitor. As pointed out in the blog title, Cinema Gym is a nontraditional movie review site. The appearance reminds me of a Kitsilano vibe and cinema gum might consider advertising for brands such as Patagonia, or stores like 8th & Main. These brands seem like they would have a good fit with Cinema Gum and a similar target demographic.

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