Process Post #1

Process Post #1

“Find a stranger this week and engage them in a conversation”

I work with a suit company by the name of Bespoke Made Suits ( ). I am a style consultant so my weekly job consists of seeing clients, measuring them, and ordering custom made menswear. Since I work in a position where finding strangers is quite easy, I will use an instance this week that was quite interesting and eventful.

This week, I met with a client named Haydn. Usually my client encounters are fairly casual and not much conversation occurs beyond the ordering process. However, with this client something just felt different so we began talking. I found out that he is a real estate agent with a target on the area that I live in. I also realized that I had his notepad that he sent out for canvasing purposes on my desk. So we continued to talk for a bit and it turns out that we went to the same high school and had the same teachers. Even though he had graduated a good 10 years before I did, we still had many of the same teachers and had the same complaints haha.

I find that having an encounter in person is much better than online because body language and appearance can tell you a lot about a person. His physical proximity to the high school also gave me an idea of what could have been possible. It just goes to show how impersonal online interactions can be and how much information can be attained from beyond the written or spoken word.

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