Process Post #2

This week I have been focused on wrapping up the renovation and finishing the laundry room so that I can have access to a laundry machine for the first time in 5 weeks. It’s funny how sometimes we take the simplest things for granted such as having a laundry machine or running water. It isn’t until you live a few hours or even a few days without these modern-day necessities that you really feel how lucky you are to have these amenities. I’ve also had a slight uptrend in clients to see this week so overall it has been a very busy week. Coordinating contractors and getting things ready to go for completion is not fun. However, I did take on this entire project so I intend to see it through.

The whole push of getting the laundry room completed came from a phone call from the appliance showroom reminding me that I had a set of laundry machines that still needed to be delivered. Since the order has been in existence since May I thought that it should be time that I take delivery of my last pieces. I had gotten so used to using friends laundry machines that I had forgotten that I could actually finish the laundry room before I finish the entire ground floor. I never really realized how complicated and heavy a laundry machine can be until I learned how to set up a laundry set with a pedestal and a whole set of hoses. I used 8 hoses and 3 y connectors to do the whole job as this laundry set was amazingly complicated.

I also had to go a day without water so that the plumber can finish hooking up the laundry box and drainage pipe. Because the renovation involved replumbing the house, some parts of the plumbing still aren’t quite fully functional. This meant that when he had to shut off the water, He had to do it completely and not by zone. While without water, basic things such as cooking pasta or making a smoothie was impossible. Had I remembered to keep a bucket of water handy, this could have been solved alas I had forgot. Moral of the story is, don’t underestimate how much work something can be just because it looks easy, and don’t take modern amenities for granted.

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