Process Post #4

For this week’s process post, I will be talking about the design information that Mauve talked about in class and I will be basing it off of a site that I frequent. For this assignment, I have decided to browse the apple website and they are one of the largest tech companies with a wild budget for their website. I would imagine that with their expertise in user behavior through the information they collect, they would create a website that is both visually stunning and user friendly.

Immediately as one enters the website, there are two call to actions on the front page. This allows the user to choose which path they want to take, and it allows for Apple to streamline the user journey. The top banner contains all of their major products and it allows the user to easily navigate to their desired product. The home page is short and showcases their most popular products as well as their new services. The use of white space on the site in minimal but some how Apple’s graphic designers just make it work.

The strangest thing that I have encountered which I don’t understand why apple does this, is that Its product pages are divided into massive chunks and it appears that while scrolling a user can encounter a lot of false bottoms. I don’t understand why apple would design the layout this way as for me it feels claustrophobic and difficult to navigate. The overload of information gives me decision paralysis and makes me feel uneasy. The appearance of the site is still flawless, and the graphics are all beautiful. I fell that apple could benefit from a site that is slightly less design heavy.

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