Process Post #5

For this process post, I have decided to go a little backwards in time. I will be writing about what it was like to set up my blog and my experience with my first time using WordPress.

Previously, I had created websites for myself, however, I have always used Wix as a platform. My experience with Wix was that it was much simpler than WordPress in the way the templates were laid our and how everything could be formatted and redone. To me Wix also seems more polished and easier to use. However, what I have found in using WordPress is that WordPress is a lot more customizable if one knows what they are doing. There are sections of code that can be rewritten and there are things that WordPress can do that Wix cannot.

After setting up everything, I noticed that reclaim hosting is very easy to use and WordPress is as well. The blog posts are easy to make and the analytics were easy to install. My only hiccup right now is I don’t really know where to look for the analytics yet but I assume this will be something I can learn along the way.

For my blog, I decided to go with a simple template with an easy to navigate layout so that I can learn how to fully use WordPress before I get too involved in the design and start confusing myself. I decided to go with a simple layout with a back background and a vertical theme so that users may easily find what they are looking for. I chose a neutral font with a high contrast colour that is easy to read and easy to see.

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