Process Post #6

Imagined Audience

For this week, I will be explaining the audience that I envision would visit my site.

My site originally started off as a lifestyle blog that would be about my everyday life. It just somehow turned into a construction site because as it turns out, my life is being overrun by this renovation. This has caused me to assume that the readers of my site are older people who are interested in renovations and house projects. I have designed the site to be humorous when it comes to making mistakes and focused on things to look out for and what not to do.

Since people of my generation are not extremely handy individuals and not many of us like to work with our hands, I decided to make the site as easy to use as possible for my target demographic of older individuals. Although the older generation works with their hands well, sometimes website navigation can be confusing and its best to have a site that is simple. With the layout set, the content has been written in such a fashion that anyone who has done anything on what I am working on, can very easily relate to the problems that I am encountering. I would say that this blog is one that is extremely relatable with a light humorous tone. By creating a stress-free tone, I believe that this will allow readers to not be too stressed out when they encounter a mistake. By seeing that it is common and can happen to anyone, I aim to give mistakes a modicum of humour so that people can see what they’ve done wrong, and how to correct it.

I believe that my site is one that is written for the beginner DIYer who is looking for information on how to get started. By writing about the entire process of a renovation, it is quite easy for readers to comprehend and what out for mistakes not to make.

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