Process Post #7

Website Changes

After reading Hayden’s feedback on my blog, I felt elated with her delivery method. She is way too nice and has given me far more credit than I deserve. However, some of the points she made were things that I could improve, and I decided to go ahead and make some changes.

First off, I decided to change the theme of the website so that readers aren’t greeted by a giant photo as soon as they enter the site. I believe this will aid in the ease of navigation as well as help user to find what post they are looking for. I also proceeded to change the layout of the menu so that the navigation bar makes more sense to the visitor. Lastly, I went into all the posts and made sure that any of the ones that have photos have a feature photo as this helps with the design of the website, as well as for grabbing the attention of the reader. Even though the reader may not have time to read everything on the home page, they can still gravitate towards pictures and pick and choose that way.

With the new layout, I envision that more people will find the site easier to navigate, and more people will actually read the content with the photos as those will be more attention grabbing and people will find it easier to chose what they want to see.

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