Process Post #8

In this week’s process post, I will be talking about the features of google analytics, why its helpful, what harm it can cause. Google analytics is a powerful tool that can explain to its users what they site’s performance is like and how they can improve their sites for their target audiences. In my case for example, I noticed that my site has a fairly high bounce rate which could indicate that people are visiting the site by accident, or the site is too difficult to navigate, or they are visiting the site in hopes for something the site is not delivering. Google analytics also provides insight on visitor demographic and region. This can help one determine whether the site should be more desktop oriented, or mobile oriented. From my use of Google analytics demographic function, I learned that my largest demographic was the 25-34 range. This is useful information, as if I wanted to monetize the site, I would be including things and brands that want to target this demographic that have interests in the content that I am posting. However, this is not to say that Google analytics is all good. Although Google presents the information in a manner that is fairly private and secure, being a user and leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs can be mildly concerning. Even if the information is anonymous, there is still a huge amount of data that Google has about you that you may not even know they have. While useful for content creators and website managers, this information must be used carefully and in good faith.

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