Process Post #9

Transmedia content is crucial when it comes to promotion and audience capture. By having content on various platforms and in various ways, one can increase their exposure and gain more audiences. The content on my site is fairly visual and many users may benefit from seeing the processes in video form. Although I did not record very much content while I was doing these projects, it may have been smart to start a tik tok channel with these postings. I think peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter so social media is a great tool where people can see small snippets of things and decided whether or not they want to explore the content in more depth. The information contained on the site could also be refined and turned into a how to book for dummies in DIY renovations. This could be another form of media that users can consume and refer back to. Since print is usually easier to navigate and more permanent, having a how to book made in this respect can help consumers who actually want to try the projects I have done. All in all, I think the most logical expansion for my site would be to branch out into a tik tok channel. Although I do not have any content to post, I could explore this should I take on another project. DIY channels are thriving and tik tok is constantly growing. If this growth continues, I could see many brands hiring tik tok experts to enhance their marketing portfolio.

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